Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jenell's First Dentist Visit

I took Jenell for her first dental check-up today! :) She did really well and actually cried very little. We just happened to catch this moment on camera... The dentist was super nice! I'm so glad we found him!

Jenell picking from the "treasure chest" when she was all done. :)

I tried to get her to pick a hot pink racecar but she kept choosing the same red bracelet. :P

Outside the dentist. She was very pleased with herself and her sweet little bracelet.

Her sticker says "My pediatric dentist is my friend!" LOL

Shingle Springs

We made a last-minute trip to Shingle Springs this weekend. Grandma and Nana graciously welcomed and fed us! :) They even treated Jenell to a haircut! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jenell's First Fat Lip :(

I don't know if it is silly to post this... but it's a glimpse into our daily lives, anyway. Jenell fell down and landed on her milk cup and like we usually do when she's "really hurt", we went to the freezer to pick out a pedia-pop. She was fine after that and so quiet and happy that I didn't realize until later that her little lip was not so little anymore! These pictures don't really do it justice- though, maybe I'm seeing it through mommy eyes... She's currently resting and on her way to a full recovery! ;) Have a great Labor Day weekend!!