Thursday, December 1, 2011

MORE Big news at the Boyer house! Really!

We just got done with Thanksgiving.. but it's time to talk Turkey again. The country, that is. Yep. We just got orders! Sometime in June, we will be headed to Incirlik AFB.
I won't lie, I'm a little nervous about flying/moving/settling in so close to my due date but I know God's got a plan for our family and I totally trust that it's better than mine.
We've got lots of time left to spend with our dear friends and family and make many more memories so don't bid us farewell just yet! (Just have us over for dinner...) ;)
Seni seviyoruz!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

...and baby makes five!

We just wrapped up our Thanksgiving holiday, but we Boyers still have LOADS to be thankful for this Christmas season! Drumroll please.... Baby#3 is on the way! God is good all the time and we are thrilled!

We just started praying last month that maybe God would bless us with a new little one soon.. I guess we put a lot of emphasis on SOON! :) Even Jenell prayed many nights for God to put a brother or sister inside Mommy's tummy and it was so neat for her to already see her prayer answered!

We're so thankful that it was His will for us to have more children... because that's what we wanted, too! :) Can't wait to meet you, little baby!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Adele!

It's official. Adele (or as Jenell likes to refer to her, "Baby Dis") is ONE!! I can't believe it's been a full year since I "finally" went into labor! This year has FLOWN by and we've loved every second of it.

Adele is such a blessing to our entire family. I tell people all the time that having a second child was really humbling for me because I realized how much my stellar parenting ;) DIDN'T contribute to my eldest's personality. Don't get me wrong- we know our job as parents is to help shape and mold them into grown-ups who love and serve Jesus but boy-oh-boy are their personalities God-designed!

Adele is so outgoing. She makes friends wherever we go! Her companions range in age from 3 weeks old to 80 years old- she doesn't discriminate. She's such a charmer and though she likes to pretend she doesn't like big sister's kisses, she follows Jenell around wherever she goes.

Seeing the two of them grow up together the past year has been indescribable. It brings me so much joy to see Jenell loving on her little sis and forgiving her when she "doesn't understand" and takes a cherished toy. I love these girls so much and Adele is so blessed to have Jenell as her big sis. Jenell has grown so much as a result of taking on that role and she wears it so well.

From the beginning Adele has loved to make us laugh and she loves even more to be the one who's doing the laughing. She can make anything seem funny. Even when it REALLY shouldn't be. :) She loves to dance and yell, she loves cuddling, books, her baby Foofa, eating shoes and doing anything that falls under the category of "stuff Jenell never did at this age!". :) Like... getting knives out of the dishwasher, munching on Chiquita banana stickers, choming on Polly Pocket shoes and diving from high places. She's brought so much laughter and joy to our home this last year and we don't know how we ever lived with out her. We love you Baby Dis.

Love, Dad, Mom and Jenell

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Jody says I need to blog... Okay! I'm blogging. It's 1:00AM and I've been up every 40 minutes with our sick little doodlebug, but I'm blogging. :) It's now officially my 3rd Mother's Day and I've been reflecting on not just how thankful I am for the moms and grandmas in my life (and I am!), but how grateful I am to get to be a mom to these two amazing little girls.

Every day I get to spend watching them grow and learn is such a gift. I love seeing their personalities come into play when they are interacting with others. I love their little quirks and the crazy things they think of! Seeing them love on each other is just like an added bonus! I feel so blessed that I have a front row seat to their lives and that I have the privilege of teaching them about someone who loves them more than I ever could.

My friend Jody was talking to me about how we are sanctified by our kids. Um, yeah. If you've been a mom for five minutes, you're nodding your head. If your child’s ever announced that "You forgot to pray!"or reminded you that "It's not okay for you to talk rudely to your husband" you know what I'm referring to. Then there are the moments when, after being careless with my words, I'm apologizing to Jenell and she reminds me that "It's okay, mommy. Jesus died on the cross so God could forgive you when you’ve done wrong things.” Yeah.

My children are for me, such a tangible expression of God's limitless grace! I can space dance class, accidentally break a favorite bowl, fail at being perfectly consistent in my parenting or just have a hard day and I know they won't hold it against me tomorrow!

Motherhood is really hard sometimes, okay... a lot of the time. But I am so thrilled and thankful that this is my role... and that I'm not doing it alone. Yes, Tim is an amazing Dad, but I'll blog about him on Father's Day. :) I'm talking about God their Father. It's hard to think anyone could love your kids more than you do, but He does. And He loves YOU that much too.

I'm so grateful that He holds their sweet little lives in His hands and that He wants us to succeed at parenting. The job we have as mothers is SO important. Don't discount your role in expanding God's Kingdom! :) Whether you're wiping noses, reading bible stories, building forts, praying over your kids or just taking the time to listen to them, you are showing your kids who Jesus is and the ways He loves them. Doesn't get much more important than that.


Beautiful Mother's Day Song

Monday, February 7, 2011

Banana Baby!

Adele had her first taste of food on Superbowl Sunday! She was thrilled and I'm pretty sure she was thinking "It's about time, mom!"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

BIG little

Our wonderful friend, Matt helped Tim make a DVD of him reading her bedtime books to her. This one is my very favorite!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The "Girl"-ers

Greetings from the Boyer, I mean "Girl"-er family! I told Jenell her name was Jenell Boyer and she said, "I'm not a BOY-er, I'm a GIRL-er!" :)

We're doing well and looking forward to a trip to Disney Land when Tim returns. Adele thinks Jenell is hilarious and Jenell is officially a fairy-princess-ballerina from sun-up to sun-down. Our days are filled with playtime, laundry, kisses, hugs, dancing, tears, time-outs, playdough, tickles, music and mayhem. And that's just the way we like it. Thank you, Jesus!