Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a... GIRL! Yep, we have another girl on the way! God has blessed us immensely with our bigger "little girl" and we look so forward to meeting this one. :) Good luck making sense of the ultrasounds... Hahaha.

Side profile of her face.

It's a girl... obviously... ? Right? :)

Easter Bunny

We went and visited the Easter bunny and it was a replay of our Santa visit. :) We went up with her so she would at least smile for the picture! :) No one told me I was covering the poor bunny.. :P This was her first picture with him since we didn't go last year, so it will have do.

Friday, March 26, 2010

March Fun!

As March is coming to a close, we can't say that we're unhappy about it! :) We've spent the last weeks moving, cleaning and unpacking and we still aren't done! We're also happy March is ending because we (hopefully) get to find out the gender of the baby next week!

Jenell loves talking to my tummy and last week she looked at my belly and said "Come out baby!" She is growing up so fast. Just in the last few weeks she has started speaking to us in full sentences and making it very clear what she wants! She also just successfully graduated to a toddler bed and we are so happy! She put her shoes on by herself for the first time, too!

Potty training is still ongoing- but she loves it and we're having so much fun! She was recently the flower girl in a friend's wedding and did such a good job! I only have a few pictures so far- there will be more coming soon!

Beautiful picture taken by Sean Tobin at Maria's wedding rehearsal!

Sleeping in her toddler bed for the first time!

Playing in our new back yard!

So proud after she put her shoes on by herself for the first time!

Trying on her flower girl dress before the wedding.

Dancing to the guitar music at the wedding.

Pointing out the moon. She does this ALL the time! She can spot it anywhere!

Walking down the aisle!