Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camping Coloma 2009

We went camping for four days at Coloma with the Williamsons. This is the campsite where we spent our honeymoon and a few times when we still lived in Cameron Park. We had so much fun! We got a campsite right on the water and the kids just ran around enjoying nature. We ate better than we do at home (french toast, pancakes, sausage, bacon, Fajitas, steak kabobs, breakfast burritos, strawberry margaritas) and took many lazy naps by the river or in the tent. We went tubing, swimming, fishing and made lots of memories! We are so blessed to have friends that love camping like we do! Enjoy the zillions of pictures! :) PS- All the amazing pictures were taken by Jody!

Oliver fell asleep reading books

Jenell and Annie

Jenell and Annie


Happy Annie!

Jenell and Oliver reading books

Silly Annie

Jenell and Daddy

Half of our campsite

Jenell and Daddy taking a water break!

Oliver and his Daddy on the way to the river

Oliver and his daddy in the raft

Oliver playing in "our" cove

Everyone relaxing in the cove

Oliver exploring

Daddy and Jenell

Jody, Annie and Tim W.

The two Tim's coming down the river

My Tim lost a shoe..!

Tim W. making a splash

Tim W.

My Tim after the "rescue crew" brought his shoe back!

The raft that brought the shoe back to Tim!

Jenell being sweet to Annie

Jenell loves Miss Jody!


Happy Girl!

Oliver pushing the stroller

Oliver and Jenell having a serious talk

Annie eating goldfish with her Daddy

Annie and Oliver
Daddy and his two kiddos working together

Movie Star. :)

Mommy and Jenell

At the pool

Playin' some tunes...

Oliver doing a silly dance!


Tim W. playing his guitar and relaxing at the campsite

Oliver being silly in Jenell's glasses

Oliver giving Jenell a hug. How sweet is this picture?

Oliver munching some goldfish

Jenell reading her book. :)

I love this picture of Oliver!

Sweet baby. :)

Jenell with her loving, attentive parents. :) See us? LOL

Jenell reading her oops book.

Oliver being cute. :)

Enjoying fajitas!

Jenell not so happy in the bath

Oliver loving the bath!

Jenell loves Tim and Jody. :)

My Tim with all the kiddos. :)

Tim W. snoozing

Jody and Oliver at the pool

Tim W. and Annie

Jody and Oliver

Oliver swimming to his mommy and sister!

Oops, how did that Tim get in there?LOL

There's the right Tim!

The Williamsons

The river when the dam was closed... boo.

Jenell is so cool... LOL


Our campsite

Another view of our campsite

Trying to get in there

Ahhhh! I made it!

Time to try and get out..

Still trying...

Almsot there....

Yes! I did it!

Jenell and Oliver

Oliver being a sweetie and helping Jenell open it

The Williamsons reading as a family

Daddy and Jenell


Me giving Annie some well-deserved kisses!

Oliver on his "singing rock" sooooo cute.

Oliver singing zipedeedodah!!!

"Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!"

Oliver in his hat

Jody and Annie

Tim and Jody coming down the river after they went over the rapids that even people in big rafts were avoiding! :)

Tim and Jody


Tim and Jody


Tim W.