Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hope you have some time on your hands...

Here are just a few (not kidding) pictures from our last couple weeks. It was hard to even narrow it down to just these! Hope everyone is enjoying their New Year celebrations!

Grandma Michelle and Jenell

Grandpa Mark and Jenell

Daddy and Jenell in the snow for the first time!

Me, Jenell and my brother

Catching the memories on film! (See Tim scheming in the background?)

Jenell and Mommy in Polluck Pines

Ahhh! So many presents!

Aunt Emily and Jenell engaging in Holiday cheer! :)

Bedtime at Great-Grandma Jenell's

"Happy Birthday Jesus!"

Playing with her new toy from Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Jacob

Spending some quality time with Tatum. :(

Uncle Kyle and Jenell being silly

Being cute right after waking up

Gazing into eachother's eyes

I wish I hadn't cut their heads off but it is still cute!

I love it when she makes this face! Pursely probably wasn't so thrilled..

Auntie Em has the "new peanut" :)

Love it.

Doesn't it look like she's faking? LOL

Uncle Kyle got Jenell to fall asleep when no one else could!

"In the snow" for the first time

In her new bouncer from Uncle Kyle and Auntie Em

Christmas Eve on the way to the vet

At the pizza place in Polluck Pines

Gettin' love from all angles!

Daddy's favorite picture

Caught 'cha!

Reading with Uncle Kyle

Playing with her phone- (she is always eating Mommy's) she LOVES it!

Pretty centerpiece mom and Grandma sent