Monday, March 30, 2009

The surprise was...

Breakfast and then... a spa! I've never been to one and it was so nice going together! We spent sometime in a whirlpool, had chocolate cake (at 10 in the morning LOL), got heated foot treatments and then an hour couple's massage. So wonderful! Here are the few pics I took... I thought it was probably weird to take pictures at a spa.. but I wanted to remember our special day!!

It was really dark in the room- but this was the whirlpool

Tim enjoying the "bomb" chocolate cake as he called it. It was reallly good, though.

Time for our massage!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Blue Hat, Green Hat

Riddle me this... seriously. Tim has a surprise coming up for me on Saturday and I can not figure out what it is from the clues he's given me!!! So maybe you can take a stab at it...

- I have to bring a swimsuit for a portion of it

-It will take up most of Saturday (he has Grandma lined up as a babysitter)

-When I asked him if it was fancy- he said it's between a wine tasting and Wal-Mart. What the heck is that supposed to mean??

I'm starting to wonder if he is just making stuff up... we'll see!

Here are a couple pictures left over from St.Patrick's Day and a few of Jenell enjoying the last couple sunny days we had. We knew the rain was coming, so we got outside as much as possible!

This video is of us reading a new book we received tonight. I got it, some other books, and PJ's for my growing girl after putting a "WANTED" ad on Freecycle. If you aren't already on Freecycle, you need to be! Anyway, I was reading the book to Tim because I was so excited about it and Jenell started chuckling so I read it to her and she's in love. (So am I!) As a result, I now want every single Sandra Boynton book for our library. Amazon, here we come!

We also went to the thrift store half-off sale and got a zillion books for five dollars! Yay!

"Oops Book" (Blue Hat, Green Hat)

In the backyard that we seriously need to mow.

She woke up soooo happy!

She loves being on daddy's shoulders!

In the backyard at lunchtime.

Grandpa pushing Jenell on the swing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

See my cool teeth?

It totally looks like she is doing our sign for bee/bug but she didn't do it on purpose... Can't lie.. :)

Just being cute

I'm just posting these because I think they're cute! :)

"Yeah, yeah, mom."

This was just a silly moment that ended up on my camera! Not just because of Jenell, check out Tim's block-balancing skills... :)


She only lasts for about 5-20 seconds before she tumbles, but I still caught a couple moments on camera!

On her toes like mom and Uncle Kyle were!

This is her favorite place to stand up and play! Mine too because I don't have to hold her up the whole time!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just for laughs..

I totally forgot about these... my first attempts at blogging. I've come a long way, don't you think? Hahaha... It's actually amazing how little I've changed my blogging "style".. They will at least give you a little peek into our first year of marriage. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Catching up

Here are pictures from the end of February through now. Jenell's just about to finish the antibiotics from her first ear infection and she has cool new tooth!

Hurray! The first tooth has finally graced us with its presence!

Just investigating.

Eating the applesauce pop mom made! LOL What a face!

She needed more room. Ha.

I love this hair!

Just tasting some grass....

Big smile!

Playing at the park with dad.

Distracted by the ducks.

Walking to the ducks. ;)

She looks like she is about to sneeze!

Crazy hair!

Just trying to get somewhere!

"Hey, Dad!"


I did not approve this activity.

Hangin' on the monkey bars!

Pretty girl

My face is funny... but look at hers! She's thrilled to be getting a ride on mommy's head!

Just having an afternoon snack.

VIDEO: Taking a Stroll