Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poo poo!

Yay! Jenell was playing under the table today when she just looked at her daddy and said, "Poo poo". :) Then she walked to her potty and went! Woah! I never thought I would be so excited about her going poo poo on the potty but man, we were ecstatic! She brings us so much joy in SO many ways!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


We got to see our little miracle for the first time this morning! We heard his/her heartbeat too! I forgot how exciting it can be! It was so nice that Tim was able to be there with me- he was gone for the majority of my pregnancy with Jenell so I'm looking forward to doing this together. :) Our due date is officially August 15th and we're just thrilled! Thank you, Jesus!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Balfour Beatty (the company that manages our housing) put on a New Year's Day parade and it went right in front of our house. We kept Jenell up until (gasp!) 2:30 (WAY past nap time) so that she could ejoy it. I don't know how she wasn't a basket case but she wasn't! She was smiley and having so much fun! She even took another shot at meeting Santa, kind of.. :)

Jenell going through her loot and looking like she's about to go work out.. in the 80's.

Let's try this one more time..

Ha! Don't call CPS- she's just enjoying some New Year's Cider they were passing out. :)

She never got the hang of the noisemaker but it was still so cute!

Playing with another noisemaker that she could operate! She loved it! Party!!

Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas here at home, but we went and visited Grandparents in West Sacramento and Shingle Springs a couple days before. We were so blessed by family and friends this year- from toys and clothes to yummy Omaha Steaks! I couldn't even come close to showing you the pictures from all our wonderful blessing- there were just too many! Here are some of my favorites from those visits and the actual day.
Enjoying the box from her gift from Grandpa Hal and Grandma Nanette

Uncle Alex, Jenell and Uncle Walter

Great-Grandma Nanette and Jenell opening her new doll house

Grandpa Mark hugging Jenell's new baby doll

Playing with Uncle Alex and Uncle Walter

Aunt Taylor and Jenell being sweet in the car on the way to Shingle Springs

Another 4 generation picture!

Jenell and Grandpa Mark

Jenell playing with her new kitchen from Grandma Sandy

Jenell with her new art table from Great- Grandma Puff

Opening stockings!

Comfy sweats from Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Jake

Tim got what he has been wanting forever- The Faith Lessons Series by Ray Vanderlaan, "That the World May Know" He was sooo happy! Thanks Sandy!

Steelers Maternity Shirt! Hmm... wonder who this was from?

Tay got her iPod! She had no idea Sandy Ali and Kaley had gotten it for her!

Jenell on her computer from Grandma Marnee

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.