Saturday, November 28, 2009

We LOVE Christmas!

Actually, it's more like I love Christmas and the rest of my family is drug along as I work to get as many warm-fuzzy feelings as possible into our home! :) We've had homemade apple pie, Christmas cookies, put outdoor and indoor decorations up and it's not even December! Here are a few pictures from our last week of November.

Jenell found these at Grandma Carol's house and she loves jewelry and that's what she thought these were. She put them all around her neck one by one with no suggestions from anyone! :) Such a girly girl!

Tim's side of the family Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Working on getting a picture for the Christmas card. I especially love Jenell's face.

Jenell listening to Aunt Taylor's ipod on the way to Thanksgiving #2 in Davis.

Sweet girl!
Tried to get a picture of Jenell and Jera but it didn't work out. I wish it would have, though because Jera is soooo cute!

Day after Thanksgiving- Mr. Tim W. and Annie-Banananny!!

Silly Oliver in his cool-dude hat!

Aunt Taylor and Jenell cutting out some sugar cookies that looked much better than they tasted.

There is a reason you're only seeing "before" pictures of these cookies. LOL


I realized I never showed before and after pictures of Taylor's room! Here is the garage before we wenet Tradin Spaces on it!

And after!!

Her vanity

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We say it every year, but I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by! Jenell just had her second Halloween and is about to have her second Christmas! What?! I don't really feel like blogging extensively so I'll just give you a few snapshots from our last week.

This little ducky wanted in the water fountain SO badly @ the hospital. She really got into character! :)

Ducky and Aunt Tay Tay

Taylor and her new car!


My brother, sister-in-law and neice with their beautiful picture from Nana Sue

Jenell is waaaay too big for one of these, but Uncle Kyle checked the weight limit and she was okay so he put her in as a joke and she LOVED it! Hahaha! She didn't want out! Here Uncle Kyle is enjoying some feet-za!

Annie, Jody, Oliver and Tim W.

Alice, Uncle Tim and cousin Jenell

Alice and Aunt Jaycee

Jenell being silly with Uncle Kyle


Alice and her mommy talking a walk. :)

Aunt Tay Tay and Jenell playing their favorite game in the car

Can you guess what she was for Halloween?

Jenell and Olive kissing again. Are you surpised?

Daddy and Ducky
Ducky and Mommy