Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

Believe it or not, the next 30 pictures were ALL from today! :) We spent the morning with Jody, Oliver, and Annie and then we spent the evening carving pumpkins. We took a break to eat taco soup, of course- but other than that we stayed on task! The seeds are in the oven right now!

Taylor's pumpkin

Jenell helping daddy scoop out his pumpkin

Annie in the backyard! So cute!

Mr. Bones and the hooded mystery woman.. (Oliver and Jody)

Jenell relaxing on the couch about to "watch" Monsters vs. Aliens

Oliver and Jenell having a snack

Awww... she loves Oliver!


Jenell and Daddy cleaning their pumpkins before we started!

Doing a little dance to pass the time while everyone was carving. LOL

This was inside Tim's wacko pumpkin! A seed had sprouted inside! Tim suggested that I carve this "pumpkin".

Taylor's friend Indio ... he had never carved a pumpkin before and was a little grossed out.

Everyone hard at work

Jenell helping Daddy

I love her!!

Scoop scoop scoop

Ahhhh!!! So sweet!

Jenell and Daddy

She kept confusing the scoop with a spoon. She got quite a few bites of pumpkin in before I confiscated it. Ew! :)

Caught their faces right after Taylor "accidentally" got some pumpkin on Indio

He was so irritated with the weird consistency of the inside of his pumkin. I didn't care.. until I had to separate the seeds from it. It was so unusual!

Tim when he found the seed that had sprouted!

Aunt Taylor being nice and taking a book break with Jenell while she was carving her pumpkin.

Indio and Taylor

Tim's beautiful pumpkin. He designed it by himself!

Indio and Taylor

Monday, October 26, 2009

Catching up!

September and October have been pretty exciting! So far, Aunt Taylor moved in, Tim graduated ALS, Jenell went tinkle on the potty twice and added many new words to her vocabulary! :) Some of the words she's added are meow, baby, ball, (m)elmo, and papa. Here are some recent pictures.

Jenell checking out the pumpkins.

Tim and Jody W. (our partners in crime) We were on our way to go see Paranormal Activity. Not too scary but still not a great idea.. both us girls got motion sickness. LOL

Jenell playing with her sweet doll house daddy picked up for her at a yard sale.

Jenell holding Annie's hand

Annie and Jenell watching the rain


So clever... I did not put the gold fish in her stroller! She pushed them around with her and later used the goldfish box as a cupholer for her milk. Tim called it meals on wheels. :)

Jenell having fun @ Larry's produce

Aunt Taylor and Jenell coming out of the tunnel