Tuesday, June 17, 2008

She has arrived!

Our precious little girl is home!! Jenell Elizabeth was born on Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 11:29 AM. She was 7 lbs 1oz and 19.5 inches long. :) She is such an amzing gift from God!! Here are some pictures from her first days of life.

Grandpa Mark

Aunt Rebecca

Uncle Matt

Valeri and George Bosson

Grandpa Ron

Uncle Kyle

Uncle Kyle and Aunt Emily

Last pregnant picture. :)

Waiting for Jenell

Tim changing Jenell's first diaper.

Relaxing under the bili-light. (to help her jaundice)

Her first bath at home. <3

Passed out on the couch. :) So precious!


Cheryl said...

I'm speechless and She is beautiful!!! I wish soooo much I could be there right now!!!! Love you guys and again... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Pastor's Perspective said...
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Pastor's Perspective said...

Congratulations! Ain't God good?! She's a precious little miracle. Your FCC family is rejoicing with you. Can't wait for her first visit to church. I'll order security!

Nicholle said...

Oh she is soooo adorable!!!

Can't wait to meet her!!

Jeramy Sossaman said...

So happy for you both! congratulations!