Saturday, January 17, 2009

God's got it under control... as usual..

So around the time that we lost Tatum, our washer, dryer and car broke. The car had gas leaking onto the alternator and we thought it was fixed.. a few times. :) Then, out of the blue the car just stopped working while I was driving it on base. I guess the transmission broke...? We put out a prayer request and lots of people were praying and God provided us with (more than one actually) a vehicle to get us around while the Kia was being repaired. Thanks so much Maria, James, Dave and Kathy! Before we knew for sure that it was beyond repair ( which it is... ), God used my dad's wife, Sandy to provide us with a new car!! That we get to keep! It is super special because it was my dad's and it's perfect for our family! And it will last! How awesome is that??? Um, woah. We are still having a hard time believing it. The trip to New Mexico to go pick up the car is in the works and that's exciting, too because I am going to be able to see my sister and even some friends I haven't seen in like 4 years! :) Thank you, Jesus!!!!

Here are some pictures of our "little" (ha!) girl!!

Playing with her Noah's Ark

"I'm so hungry I could eat a horse." Yep.

Silly girl making mommy laugh.

Wearing mommy's onesie from when she was a silly baby too.

Her new favorite face to make.

Her FAVORITE place to be. and drool.

Mom. I despise these gloves.

Cute girl on the way to the park with Kara and James.

Totally relaxed in the tub.

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Nicholle said...

She is so adorable!!

So cool that she is wearing your onsie!!!