Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, it's official! My little sister, Taylor is not so little anymore! She is graduating at the beginning of June and praise God we get to be there!! (Jenell, my baby sis Alison, and I) She had her senior prom last night and I just got the pictures and I keep crying!! She's not the little scrawny tater-tot that I spent the majority of our childhood feuding with!! :) She's turned into this beautiful woman who is soon going to be off to college! I'm sure I'm embarrassing her, but oh well...Tay Tay we are so proud of you and I know Dad wanted to share this day with you too. Just honor his memory with the decisions you make and always look to God for guidance. We love you so so much!

Unlce Billy, Taylor, Mom, Jaycee, Aunt Lori

Tater-Tot and the mohawk Dad put in her hair!

Oh yes I did! :) She was on her way to use the potty by herself!

Taylor and Alison

Taylor and Alison

Alison and Taylor

Rockin' the mushroom-cut! (She copied me! )LOL

All of us 2006

Ali and Tay 2006

Taylor, Alison, Dad, and Jaycee 2006

Mom, Alison, Jaycee and Taylor

Alison, Tim, and Taylor 2005

Taylor before her prom


James' Mommy said...

Too Cute Jaycee:) Have fun in Texas

Jeramy Sossaman said...

what a cute post. some day when my kids are grown, i really hope they will love each other like this....great stuff.

Cheryl said...

Way to honor your sister Jaycee!. Praying God's Blessings on you Taylor as you enter this new part of your life!