Monday, July 13, 2009

Jenell's First Haircut!

Jenell got her first haircut right before went camping! We only had her bangs trimmed, but it was still really exciting for us. She sat so still and was so good!

Enjoying her reward for being so good! The stylist gave it to her and she also decided not to charge us for the haircut! :)

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pattycake324 said...

Did you keep a lock of the hair? I had curly hair and it was hard to comb. My mom loved it (she had waited two kids to get a redhead) but she hated my tantrums when she would try to fix my hair. So... she finally cut it. I was rummaging through my dresser awhile back and found that first lock of hair and... many others up until it really became a sugar and cinnamon look. Now I need to get one more lock with gray only.