Monday, December 7, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We're one week into December and loving it! We got to go to Suisun for the Christmas tree lighting and saw fireworks, Santa and even got to ride on the Christmas train! We got our hopes up for snow, but it didn't pan out. We need to get back to New Mexico to enjoy some real winter weather! ;)

I got to attend the Women of Faith conference in Sacramento this weekend. I didn't take any pictures for some reason.. probably because we spent all our time worshiping, laughing, crying, hugging, singing and dancing! There was no time for pictures! But here are some pictures from before and after WOF. Enjoy!

Jenell enjoying the Magna-Doodle at Jody's house

Grandpa Tim and Jody cooking up some gravy for Mr. Tim W's 30th birthday!

Stephanie and Oliver

Annie in her cutie-pie Christmas dress!

Tim W. Grandpa Tim, Jen and Jody in the kitchen

Jody showing off her tinier new self!

Jenell, Amber, Oliver and Stephanie ready for dinner!

Happy Birthday to you!

Jenell and Mommy on the train in Suisun

Jenell and Daddy on the train

Jenell with my old boss, James and his daughter- she really liked him!

Her gave her his necklace. And she LOVED it!!



Happy 30th Birthday to Mr. Tim W!

On (and off) the train in Suisun

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Sharon said...

OH! This blog put a smile on my face! So many people I love enjoying life!