Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Balfour Beatty (the company that manages our housing) put on a New Year's Day parade and it went right in front of our house. We kept Jenell up until (gasp!) 2:30 (WAY past nap time) so that she could ejoy it. I don't know how she wasn't a basket case but she wasn't! She was smiley and having so much fun! She even took another shot at meeting Santa, kind of.. :)

Jenell going through her loot and looking like she's about to go work out.. in the 80's.

Let's try this one more time..

Ha! Don't call CPS- she's just enjoying some New Year's Cider they were passing out. :)

She never got the hang of the noisemaker but it was still so cute!

Playing with another noisemaker that she could operate! She loved it! Party!!

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