Monday, May 3, 2010

First Glimpses!

Tim and I went to get a 3D Ultrasound of Adele and Aunt Taylor and Jenell came along! Here are some of the better images we captured. Unfortunately, she had both her feet and both her hands in her face the WHOLE time. :) It was still a neat experience! The first three are Adele, the last two are Jenell! I think I was quite a bit further along in my pregnancy with Jenell when we had her pictures taken- which is why Adele looks skinny still and Jenell looked chubby. :)

This doesn't look comfortable to me, but she prefers it apparently...

Sleepy Adele! She probably yawned ten times in our 20 minute session. No joke!

Her skinny little legs are crossed in front of her face but she looks smiley in this one to me!

Jenell's 3D Ultrasound. :)

Chubby cheek Jenell


may said...

Just beautiful. Isn't it great to be able to see your baby before it is born!!
Great granny Maybelle

Jolene Bogan said...

Hey there cuz, I love reading all your blogs and looking at your pictures. I never miss one.