Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jenell is TWO!

Jenell is officially two now. :) With Daddy gone, it was just a "mommy and me" day but we had a really fun time! We ate carrot cake for breakfast, went to an indoor bounce house place and finished up with a birthday sombrero at Chevy's! :) I must've sung "Happy Birthday" 50 times today (at Jenell's request) but it was worth it to see her so happy all day. Thank you to all of you who shared birthday wishes with our sweet little blessing!

Carrot cake for breakfast! Yesss!

Such a bad fake smile!! I just had to share!

Sharing her tortilla with mommy. So sweet.

She loved the sombrero they gave her when they sang Happy Birthday! She was very happy to learn that she got to take it home!

VIDEOS from her big day. :)
"Birfday Cake!!"

"ABC's" good way to end the day. :)

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