Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birth Team Gifts

We had a beautiful home birth on Friday morning! I plan on posting the whole story, just waiting on pictures to accompany it! For now, here are some of the the gifts we made to share with our super special birth team! 

Get it? :) "Midwives help people OUT!" Magnet for our midwife
 Pearl in a shell magnet for our Assistant Labor Coach "Thanks for helping me OUT!"

Big Sister Necklaces for the girls :)

Goodie Bags (cups) with birth/baby themed candy! i.e.: Milk Duds, Cry Babies, Sugar Daddys etc..

Homemade Coffee Cup for our friend/OB

Homemade Coffee Tumbler for our AMAZING midwife!

Paul's BIRTHday cake!! Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Paul his very first day. :)

What's a birthday party without presents? Also a GREAT way to use all the "baby boy" bags from our baby shower!

Coffee Tumbler for our backup midwife. :)

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