Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sick baby

This is what walked into my door after he spent four days with kids trapped in adult's bodies! (AKA- Youth Workers..) He looked so cute decked out in all his free gear! :) He has been sharing tons of stories about what God did in those few days and it sounds awesome. So wish I could have gone, but Jenell and I had a good girls' weekend anyway.

Now we're enjoying two weeks of vacation! We're not going anywhere, and that's the point. We're staying still for a while.. which is exactly what we wanted.

Chad and Michela made it possible for us to have a date night, so we went and saw Fireproof on Tuesday- It was awesome! If you have a chance, you and your significant other should see it for sure.

We've now had our first taste of a sick baby! So sad! Jenell has even lost her voice... I didn't even know babies could lose their voices! She's such a trooper, though. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Poor Baby...


Jeramy Sossaman said...

i'm glad tim's time was good. god will bless the investment that you both made.

i'm rather envious of your staycation. i'd like one of my own. :-) enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Tim, the work you do for others through our Lord has my great admiration!

Poor Jenell. I hope she feels better soon and gets back to her cheerful bubbly self.

I can't leave out Jaycee. You are doing a great job on keping us updated with this blog. You show a lot of creativity. I love reading it.

Uncle Gene

Nicholle said...

You are too funny Jaycee... Laughing at your poor daughter who couldn't scream!!!

I couldn't help but laugh listening to you giggle.

Your little one is too precious!!