Monday, October 20, 2008

Visiting Family

We went to see grandparents this weekend! We had so much fun! First, we met Grandma Carol and Barbara and drove to Apple Hill, then we went to Grandma Jenell and Nana Sue's and spent the night. Then Sunday evening we went to West Sacramento and saw Grandpa Hal and Grandma Nanette. We got to spend time with our cousins Bari and Donnie, too! It was such a nice, relaxing weekend full of laughter and good... no, GREAT food!!
Tim, Jenell, Grandma Carol and Barbara at Apple Hill

Grandma Jen and Jenell

The Jenell's sizing eachother up :)

Bari and Jenell

Jenell and Donnie! He was so cute, he wanted to make her happy when she was crying and he read her a book to help her fall asleep! What a good cousin! :)

Nana Sue, Jenell and Grandma Jen

Grandpa Hal (trying to look mean) and Tim

Donnie, Grandma Nanette, Jenell, and Grandpa Hal

Donnie and Tim

Jenell and Grandpa

The price of gas when we got home on Sunday night!!! It's below $3.00! :)


Michela said...

Your family is so beautiful, Jaycee. Your blessings are a blessing to me! My favorite is the pic of the two Jenells "sizing each other up."

Anonymous said...

Great pics Jaycee!!! It sure does look like she enjoyed that rice pudding.

Gas is $2.86 here.

When are you, Tim and Jenell going to visit us in Florida?

Love ya's!!!
Uncle Gene

Nicholle said...

So cute!!

I saw the $2.99 today AFTER I paid $3.23!!! Don'[t you just hate that!!!!