Monday, February 2, 2009


We're enjoying Farmington so much! So far we've enjoyed a crazy superbowl party where we had even numbers of Cardinals and Steelers fans... it was nuts. We got to see my best friend Christa (although somehow I managed not take any pictures of her with Jenell and I'm furious..) and our other good friend Brittany and her sweet little girl Elliora who is 5 weeks old and beautiful! Then Brittany and I met up with our high school choir director, Dr.Walker to introduce him to the little girls! :)

I also got a wonderful surprise when Sandy presented me with a ring in memory of my dad- (she had one made for me, Tay, Ali and Kaley) with my birthstone and his. My birthstone is alexandrite and if you knew this cool, but I didn't... it changes colors! When she gave it to me it was purple-y and I looked down at it when we were running errands and it was green!! Obviously, I freaked out and called Sandy and she explained it to me! Ha! We still have lots planned and we are enjoying the New Mexico scenery so much.

Jenell laughing at a little kid while we were waiting for the car to get serviced.

Jenell sizing up Dr. Walker

Dr. Walker and Elliora

Brit and Jenell

Dr. Walker and all the girls.

Elliora hugging her momma! How sweet, huh?

Playing with Aunt Ali.

Grandma Sandy and Jenell

Kaley and Sandy

Aunt Ali surprised when we showed up.

Jenell and Daddy at the airport

Jenell being cute her first time on the plane


Nicholle said...

Soo cool that you are having fun with family and friends.

Your ring is so special. Can't wait to see it.

Drive safe!!

Cheryl said...

Glad to see that things are working out so well and that you are having a great time! That Janell is such a cutie... and so happy all the time. What a joy!