Sunday, February 8, 2009

Farmington Part 2

We're back! We're trying to adjust back to reality and get out of vacation mode.. Easier said than done.
We're still not convinced this is "our car". :) We call it Grandpa Ben's car and we love it! As soon as I get done with this blog, I am on my way outside to undo the damage our 22 hour drive home caused. :) It was supposed to be a 17 hour drive... I am so clueless... I didn't really factor in the whole "baby" thing. We stopped in Laughlin, Nevada the first night and finished driving the next day. It was actually kind of hard to come home, too. Weird.
Normally we are ready to get home halfway through the vacation but we both realized when we got home we hadn't missed it or thought about "life" stuff once! So awesome. Here are the rest of the pictures from our trip. Make sure to check out the blog before this, too. It is the video of Jenell honking the horn. :)
Taking a break from the carseat. :) See the video on the blog before this.

Honking the horn

New Mexico

My sister Alison's 14th birthday

Ali and all the kiddos opening her gifts

Jenell helping Aunt Alison open presents!

All decked out in our Steelers gear.

Visiting Grandpa

Jenell and Daddy

Getting her blanket from Kay at the Red Cross in Farmington who helped us so much when my dad passed away.

Her cool chair at Grandma Sandy's

Me, my daughter and my sister! See the resemblance? :)

Aunt Kaley reading to Jenell

Aunt Ali reading to Jenell

Her favorite part of bath/bedtime is holding the lotion for mom!

Aunt Ali helping with the bath

Jenell and Frau Kreyke (my highschool German teacher)

Jenell meeting her Great-Great-Great Aunt Henrietta. No joke! :)

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Jeramy Sossaman said...

so cute. i love the picture of you and your sister and the baby. amazing.