Friday, March 6, 2009

Catching up

Here are pictures from the end of February through now. Jenell's just about to finish the antibiotics from her first ear infection and she has cool new tooth!

Hurray! The first tooth has finally graced us with its presence!

Just investigating.

Eating the applesauce pop mom made! LOL What a face!

She needed more room. Ha.

I love this hair!

Just tasting some grass....

Big smile!

Playing at the park with dad.

Distracted by the ducks.

Walking to the ducks. ;)

She looks like she is about to sneeze!

Crazy hair!

Just trying to get somewhere!

"Hey, Dad!"


I did not approve this activity.

Hangin' on the monkey bars!

Pretty girl

My face is funny... but look at hers! She's thrilled to be getting a ride on mommy's head!

Just having an afternoon snack.

VIDEO: Taking a Stroll

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