Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Surprise visit!

We got a pleasant surprise on Sunday when we found out we would be seeing Grandpa Mark, Grandma Michelle, Uncle Alex and Uncle Walter! We had so much fun and Jenell loved having such an attentive audience! :) We went to The Cheese Steak Shop.. yum! The last few picture are just some stragglers from March. :)

Grandpa Mark and Uncle Walter helping Jenell practice
Grandma Michelle walking Jenell around.

Jenell guarding her water from Uncle Walter. Just kidding! :)

Grandma Michelle and Jenell getting some water

Yay!! Getting swung around like the monkey she is. :)

Walking with Grandpa Mark

Just being silly

Uncle Walter and "Keys". That's what he nicknamed her. :)

Loving being the center of attention... LOL

Strolling with Uncle Alex

Uncle Walter, "Keys" and Uncle Alex

She cracks herself up!

Showin off the pearly whites!

Helping mom with laundry!

What a difference nine months makes!

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Jeramy Sossaman said...

cute shots! i'm glad you had a good time.