Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We're back safe and sound from Texas! It was a wonderful but short trip and Jenell got along VERY well with her Grandma and Great-Grandma. :) She was sick the whole time we were there, but she was a trooper! We had a four generation picture taken while we were there-so keep a look out- I'll post it when we get it!

When in Texas...

Us with my friend Tim S. from high school. He works at the Phoenix airport so we met up with him during our layover. Super helpful!

Great-Grandma Puff and Grandma Marnee talking to Jenell while she takes a bath. :)

Grandma feeding Jenell-- who was obviously hungry...

Grandma and Jenell a few seconds after they met!!

Meeting Great-Grandma Puff

She's tough. And her mom doesn't wipe her nose.

Grandma walking her around

"Why is this on my head?"

Grandma reading to Jenell

Grandma Marnee, Great-Aunt Heidi, Jenell and Great-Grandma Puff

Eating with the big girls


Dancing with Grandma

I love grandma's smile here

Trying to escape the bandana....

She was so sick in this picture- but she was cracking me up! I couldn't choose just one!


Mostly Christa- Little bit'o Brad said...

Jaycee!!! Jenelle is getting so big! i love the pictures with her bandana.. haha... when are you guys planning on making another one of those??? (kids, that's is)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got a lot of good pictures even though she was sick.