Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playing "catch-up"!!

Here are just some photos that we've taken of our adventures over the last few weeks.
Mommy's Birthday- we celebrated both of our birthdays with Tim's parents at their home:

Jenell having birthday cake for the 3rd time!

Opening my gift from Tim's parents

Cousin Kendra, Jenell, Grandpa Ron and Grandma Carol

And she's off again.

The birthday cake Tim surprised me with.

Fun Around the House!

This is our friend, Gavin. He's saying, "I'm gonna getcha!"

Jenell and Gavin playing

Giving Gavin kisses... Hahaha!

Walking around with her "purse"

She must be going shopping! :)

Playing with her vacuum from Grandma Sandy!

I DID NOT put those clothes on her head. She did and then she walked around for 10 minutes like they weren't even there... :)

The return of the hair!! At least for the morning.

Backyard Fun!

Turning the radio off for us.. "Thanks, Jenell!" :)

Not chasing, but walking calmly after the bubbles... :) She got a bubble machine from Grandpa Mark and Grandma Michelle for her birthday.



VIDEO: Funny Daddy!

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