Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back from Texas again

We are back safe and sound from Texas. Jenell and I went to see my sister Taylor graduate high school. We spent the first two days in Texas with some family in Conroe, Texas and the rest of the trip was spent in Tomball. Here are the pictures! (Believe it, or not, I actually narrowed it down a lot..)

This is exactly what the car we rented looked like! They were out of standard grade vehicles so it was this or the PT cruiser! It was so awesome, especially in the hot TX weather.

This was actually taken a few days before we left. Jenell was having pancakes for the first time.

Gabanna and Jenell waiting for the water to warm up.

Cutie baby booties!

They got in for like a second and then they wanted OUT!

Grandpa Russ, Grandma Linda and Jenell

Gabanna and Jenell in the car

Throwing a fit at the ball field. :)

Lynn and Jenell ( we have been friends since we were 8!)

So mad!

Grandpa Russ and Jenell

My little sisters right after Tay's graduation ceremony at Texas A&M

Taylor and Alison relaxing at the hotel

Jenell posing with Great-Grandma and her two aunts

Looking at Great-Grandma

Jenell and Aunt Taylor

Watching Great-Grandma sing "bend and stretch"

Mom and all her girls

Taylor, Alison, Linda, Jenell, Lynn, and Gabanna

Linda, Jenell and I

Fourteen years later...

Jenell and Uncle Danny

Celeste taking a picture of Jenell

Me, Alison, Grandma Maybelle, Grandpa Bert, Jenell and Taylor

Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa

Grandma and Jenell

Ice cream!

Just pretending

She got ahold of my smoothie king! Ha!

These were waiting for me when I got home! :)

(there are three short vidoes from the trip listed below)

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